PreservationSpace I All Items On This Page Come In Our New 4 Foot Length. Can Be Shipped UPS or FEDEX Without Any Special Handling Charges!! 3/16 1/16 Glass - Art Spacer Meets Facts Standards Adhesive Side 1. Acid-Free, no plasticizers, won't harm fine art 2. Works in metal or wood frames 3. Works on any thickness glass or plexi 4. .005 in. thick acid-free acrylic adhesive. (250% thicker than the others) 5. Easy and quick to install PreservationSpace 1/16 No. 5677 Clear only Just enough space to keep the glass off a photo, document, or a fabric mat. 25 pieces - 4 ft. long (100 ft.) 5 Mil Adhesive 11 /64" (.170) 4.3 mm 1 11 /64" (.170) 4.3 mm PreservationSpace 1/8 Clear or Black 25-4 ft. pieces/bundle (100 ft.) /8" (.125) 3.2 mm No. 5672 PreservationSpace 1/4 Clear or Black 15-4 ft. pieces/bundle (60 ft.) 1 /4" (.250) 6.4 mm No. 5673 Call For Our Most Current Moulding Catalog Today United Has Moulding Chop & Length Deluxe Foamboard Edge Crusher & Roller No. 5995 The best frame shop tool you will find anywhere! Frame Shop's Best Tool... whether you have a computerized or manual mat cutter... boards still have to fit in the frame package! 2.5"/6cm curved roller and 4.25"/11cm flat roller with long handle for comfortable easy rolling Curved Roller used to crush edge of foamboard to fit in rabbet with limited depth Flat Roller used as burnisher or to adhere two or more layers. Once you have it you will wonder how you worked without it. United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 94 ® MasterCard ®
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