Pic-Sure Stays No. 2907 Holds Pictures Straight ! E AMAG NO D ALLS TO W No. 4833 Cast Acrylic No. 4834 Anodized Aluminum FRAMEPEGS HANGING SYSTEM These little vinyl "stays" self-stick to the lower back corners of hanging picture frames and then lock onto the wall with fine steel needles. They do not harm wallpaper, painted or paneled wall surfaces and no glue or tape comes in contact with the wall. ew N ! 12 Stays Per Card. Framepegs are rods that are designed to accept objects up to 1/4" thick and weighing up to 33lbs. Regardless of the size of your object frame pegs can do the job. They are wall mounted with screw and wall anchors. Available in sets of 4 in either anodized aluminum or cast acrylic. By Frame Tek No. 5469 Free "StripZip" Applicator tool! Soft, neutral pH clear plastic, cushions glass in metal frames. Fits both 2 & 2.5mm glass. Adds approx. 1/32 inch to glass size. No additional allowance necessary. Includes free "StripZip" applicator tool. Helps prevent glass chipping in metal frames No. 3710 They quickly slip on the top and the bottom of posters, maps, etc. to be hung immediately. They are especially useful to stores that sell a great deal of unframed posters or other artwork. The set consists of two 36" long, clear plastic strips which firmly clip onto the top and bottom of paper artwork. A small plastic hanger is included. The strips are easily cut with scissors and they are removable and reusable. 100 Ft. & 250 Ft. Dispenser Boxes United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 90 ® MasterCard ®
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