Now you can cut mat fillets with ease, even if you don't own a chopper or saw... The Mini-Mitre can be mounted on a table or board (for portability). The hardened steel blades are preset to accurate 45 cuts and can accurately shave as little as 1/32". The blades can be sharpened and are replaceable. The Mini-Mitre's heavy duty construction will give you many years of trouble free operation. Replacement Blades No. 4693B No. 4693 With 40"Measuring Arm and Stop No. 6083 · · · · · · · · · Fletcher Fillet Chopper Fillet Chopper The Fletcher Fillet Chopper is a unique tool that enables you to cut fillets with complete accuracy. This easyto-use device is cleverly designed to require minimal maintenance, and accommodates fillets and lip liners up to 1.5" wide. Combined with the Fletcher Fillet Master, this makes an ideal system for working accurately and efficiently with fillets in any frame shop. Cuts non-metal fillets & lip liners up to 1.5" wide Hardened steel blades are reversible for longer life Portable and easy to move, using approximately 3 feet width of table space Durable construction for years of consistent accurate use in any framing environment Indexing fence for nibbling on wide or harder-to-cut fillets Easy-to-use hand-lever operation for high mechanical advantage Standard out-feed table with a 51" scale and adjustable stop Includes an easy-to-follow, clearly-illustrated instruction manual as well as toll-free customer service support One-year warranty (Does not include blades) TRIM CUTTER No. 4399 Cuts Plastic & Wood Filets · Cuts Wood & Plastic Mat Trim Like A Chopper · Tool Steel Blades · Two Way Fence, One Way For Plastic The Other For Wood · Hand Operation · Adjustable Scale. Custom adjustments for each trim. · Recommended for cutting Rabbetspace United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 88 No. 2261 Replacement Blades ® MasterCard ®
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