No. 5583 Anti-Static "Tiger Cloth " TM Goat Hair Dust Brushes No. 5671 Super Soft A Static and Dust Control Product The Kinetronics ASC-BP is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning photographic films. The 10" x 18" (250mm x 450mm) orange cloth has stripes of effective conductive fibers knit every 1/8" or 4mm that dissipate or drain off static charges. The Kinetronics ASC-BP is not wet or "soggy" and exposure to air won't dry it out. The ultra soft cloth is so gentle you'll feel comfortable using it on sensitive negatives and transparencies. Hundreds of thousands of small pockets in the microfiber cloth aggressively capture the dust and dirt from the film. The Tiger Cloth comes packaged in a zip lock bag . ·Extra Long Bristles ·Ergonomic Handle For Comfortable Use. Softest Brush Available Anti-Static Cleaning Cloth This anti-static cleaning cloth has been made using a dry anti-static treatment that insures that all surfaces cleaned with this cloth will be smear free with no greasy deposits. This cloth removes dust and other impurities or debris from all types of surfaces eliminating and preventing the formation of static electricity. For long life keep cloth in original plastic envelope between uses. No. 1710 Frame Dust Free!! Static Wisk No. 5444 Scotch Brite Cleaning Cloth No. 5445B BULK of 50 Cloths 3M unique Microtexture elimnates the need for paper towels and glass cleaners. Will not streak or smudge Removes fingerprints from photographs without scratching. 100% lint free!!! Eliminate reframing due to dust spots and lint...There is a new professional tool for picture framers that removes static and dust from glass , plexi, plastic, mats, photos, prints and art work. No. 4984 5 1/2" Wide Stiff Hair No. 4983 5 1/2" Wide Soft Hair Static Brush No. 2997 No. 4691 Dusting Brush Natural Horse Hair Bristles used to remove dust and lint from pictures and mats, etc. 14" overall length. 4" wide soft hair. Comes complete with carrying case. Eliminates static and brushes away the dust. 86 ® United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 MasterCard ®
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