Glass Cutters Red Devil No. 2793B Ball End Fletcher Carbide Glass Cutter No. 3858 General purpose glass cutters for picture and window glass General purpose glass cutters for picture and window glass 0-1 Straight End No. 551 6 Wheels Turret Head Cutter No. 2794 0-2 Ball End No. 551 Replacement Wheels No. 2794W For No. 2794 Fletcher Head Cutter Replacement Wheels No. 551W For No. 551 Fletcher Glass Cutters Lightweight Glass Running & Nipping Plier No. 3310 (8" cut running 1" jaw) No. 3612 (6" cut running 3/4" jaw) Comes complete with interchangeable running & nipping jaws. Handi Grip provides an "lnstant" handle anywhere on the glass and keeps finger away from sharp, cutting edges · Quick to apply · Holds firmly · Easy to release · Visual indicator signals No. 4366 Handi-Grip when cup is attached Glass Seamer No. 2111 Using a hand seamer is a quick and easy method to smooth edges and corners of recently cut glass. It removes sharp edges, enabling a glazier to handle the glass safely. Two abrasive rollers are furnished with each tool. © Copyright 2007 For Smoothing And Swiping Freshly Cut Glass Edges Replacement Rollers No. 2112 Sold in Quantity of 1 NOT PER SET No. 4367 Pickup Stick A vacuum stick designed for quick handling and accurate positioning of small glass. 76 ® United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 MasterCard ®
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