Scott Economizer Wipes No. 4396 · Everything you expect from a hard working wiper. At an unexpectedly low price. ·A thirst for liquids, greases and oils. And an appetite for tough, punishing work. · A cloth Iike softness that comes from our unique, patented manufacturing process. · Pop-up corrugated dispenser cartons make wipers more portable, while keeping them clean and dry and ready for use. 100 per box Scott Wyp-All Plus No. 4397 ·Made with the same patented manufacturing process as original Wyp-AII plus and 25% stronger. · Combines cloth like softness with extra strength and durability. Sturdy corrugated pop-up dispenser carton for easy storage and extra protection-ideal for service truck and outdoor use. 100 per box Cleans in seconds. Guaranteed to leave no film. Removes all types of residue from glass. Non-caustic and pleasant to use, non-ammonia formula. Dries fast. Size: 20 oz. Can No Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Handy, economical, convenient. Enables you to cover a wider area, making the bottle contents go farther. Fits standard cap sizes. No Mix, Anti-Static Liquid Cleaning Solution Wipe glass and plastic surface sparkling clean in seconds. Not a concentrate, requires no mixing. Used direct from the bottle, it saves time and reduces mess and spillage worries. Unique detergent formula contains no alcohol. It's static free...ideal for vacuum presses and a host of other graphic arts applications. Available in quart and economical 1 gallon container. Glass Cleaner Low VOC Formula No. 5224 No. 4391 From SAVOGRAN NO CFC'S · Rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine · Cleans much more than glass · Convenient spray can · Contains no fluorocarbons · Contains no phosphates Spray Dirtex® · Rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine · Cleans much more than glass · Convenient spray can No. 3447 UMSCO Spray Head No. 5612 Pump Bottle No. 3446 UMSCO Glass Kleen SCOTTPURE Wiping ClothsTM No. 4537 Premium GlassCleaner *Ammonia Free TRU-VUE Safe for any framing presentation-conservation or decorative. *Soap- free Will not lather or foam- easy to clean *Non-Streaking Quick-Drying--leaves no residue * Static-Free deionized formula repels dust Available in 26 Fl.Oz Trigger spray plastic bottles-No CFC's Also Gallon refill Size "Premier Brand" "DUST AWAY" Removes dust and particles. Moisture free Dust Away blows away dirt and dust. UNITED 100 Wipers · Soft · Low Lint · Chemically Pure · Absorbent Dust-Off Kit No. 3252 includes nozzle and 8 oz. can United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 No. 5464 Quart No. 5464 Gallon No. 3253 Dust Off Refill 8 ounce No. 5340 Dust-off Cannot Ship Via Air Dust Away Cannot Ship Via Air Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 74 ® Contains 7 oz. No disassembly. Controlled blast of air. No marks or smudges. For: lenses scopes, Hi-Fi, stereos, hobby, office machines typewriters, computers, etc. Removes dust from fitted pictures. MasterCard ®
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