Provides a tighter more secure wrap than tape, strings, or straps. Eliminates adhesive tapes, strings or straps that may damage your moulding or frames!!! 5" x 1000 ft. Roll Each roll comes complete with handle United's Stretch Wrap No. 5069 Mini-Vac No. 3760 Mini-Vac has developed a revolutionary new tool that is designed to vacuum minute particles of dust and debris from hidden and hard to reach areas. Unlike compressed air, which simply disperses the pollutants, Mini-Vac vacuums them permanently away! Mini-Vac is equipped with: Two interchangeable wands, two fine bristle brushes, a cloth vacuum bag and it can be DC or AC powered. It is compact, portable, versatile and has a delicate touch. A detailed pamphlet showing directions and uses is included with the packaging. No. 3761 AC Power Adapter (Optional) No. 4889 · No More Bruised Hands! · Specially Formulated Head Designed To Eliminate Oil and Dirt Transfer From Hands to Mats! · Cleanable Head. · Mechanically Designed Angle for Maximum Contact Pressure on Double and Triple Mats. · Eliminates Smudging on Mats Applies pressure to mats that are being joined together with ATG tape or adhesive. Universal Picture Hanging Tool No. 4927 FOR EXACT WALL PLACEMENT First Time- Every Time Eliminates Guesswork Call For Our Most Current Moulding Catalog Today United Has Moulding Chop & Length United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 73 ® MasterCard ®
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