Sands miters to perfect 45° angle for tight, square frames. Features include: · 10 lb wheel · Adjusts 45° left, 90°, and 45° right · Micro adjustment for perfect 45° · Aluminum oxide sand paper with life extending bar · Sand up to 2.5" mouldings · Dust removal bar Sander No. 5797 No. 5796 Pro Saw No. 5798 Heavy duty professional style joiner for precise corner joints. Features include: · Patented V-Shaped Wedges alignment pins · Drives 1 or 2 nails at a time · Adjustable nail spacing guide & settings · Sliding nail loading mechanism · Quick-adjust corner clamp · Drives all nail sizes · Use on hard or soft woods · Use on mouldings up to 2.5" wide · Nails are stackable No. 5801 Replacement Sander Disc Pro Joiner Measure and cut accurate, consistent miters for professional quality picture frames. Features include: · Multiple angle settings · Easy to use miter measuring scale · 2 fast-action secure-hold clamps · Cuts up to 3" moulding · Precision guides for accurate cuts · Interchangeable saw blades: fine (18 tooth/inch) and super-fine (24 tooth/inch · 36" fence length left & 18" length right · Also cuts metal Pro Joiner V-Wedges No. 5799 7MM (1/4") Soft 10MM (3/8") Soft 12MM (1/2") Soft No. 5800 7MM (1/4") Hard 10MM (3/8") Hard 12MM (1/2") Hard X-Acto Laser Cutter No. 5978 X-Acto paper trimmer with laser guide to show you exactly where to line up the paper, for precise cut every time. · Innovative trimmer with sharp X-Acto blades cut quickly and accurately · Easy To Read Gridlines guarantee precision. · Ergonomical handles make cutting easy. · Cuts up to twelve sheets at a time 12"x12' BEINFANG De-Roller No. 5979 24" 50" The BEINFANG De-Roller takes the curl out of prints and posters in minutes. This first of its kind accessory provides an ingenious solution to the curling problems plaguing framers. Now you can take the curl out of posters, prints and fine art in minutes. the process is safe, simple ad much more efficient. United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 72 ® MasterCard ®
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