Mat Knives & Blades No. 2945 Heavy Duty/Bright Aluminum Finish No. 2946 Utility Knife No. 2092 Cast Aluminum Retractable Handle 5 blades in cast aluminum handle. Uses No. 2902B Blade. Aluminum die-cast in two sections provides blade storage. Has handy hang hole. Furnished with 11-921 blades and blade guard.Not Retractable Uses No. 2535 or No. 2694-B blade. Lightweight handle in two sections providing blade storage. Grey enamel finish. Furnished with 3 blades. Individually carded. Uses No. 2535 or No. 2694-B blade. No. 2267 Single End Blade Handle No. 2268 Blade Length of blade handle 4 1/4". Length of blade 6". Fits No. 2267. Heavy Duty Snap Blade Knife with Replacement Blades No. 5213 Heavy Duty Snap Blades Replacement blades for Heavy Duty Snap Blade Knifes. 7 Point Blades Replacement blades for #5213 No. 5215 No. 3208 Pocket Knife Comes with two 7 point snap replacement blades Rugged, polished, chrome plated pocket knife with cutlery stainless steel blade. Safety lock feature. Comfortably designed grip adds to performance. Blade replaceable in sections. No. 3208B Replacement Blade Locks in 3 positions. Holds 3 blades in handle. Uses No. 2535 or No. 2694-B blade. No. 3049 Retractable Blade Handle Heavy Duty Two Pointed. No. 2535 100 to a dispenser pack. Stanley's No. 11-921. Fits most mat knives and C&H Pro G60 only. Sold in packs of 100. Fits No. 2092 Knife. No. 2092-B Heavy Duty .025 thick blade. Packs of 100. Fits most mat knives. No. 2694-B United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 For the Dexter Mat Cutter. Heavy duty single edge Packs 5 Single edge razor blades. No. 3404B razor blades. First quality. No. 2403B First quality. (No. 9) Bulk pack of 100 (No. 12) Packs of 100. Bulk pack of 100 Packs of 100. No. 2403 & No. 3404 can be used on Dexter, Alto, & Pro Trim Knife No. 2403 Dexter Blades No. 3404 Replacement Blades No. 1991 No. 2772 United's Own Blades! Packs of 5 (Same quality as Dexter No. 3) Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 70 ® MasterCard ®
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