No. 2826 X-Acto Knives For carving, cutting, etching, hollowing, piercing, sawing, scoring, scraping, scribing, slicing, slitting, stripping and trimming. No. 1 Knife - For light to medium work. Aluminum handle. 5" long, 5/16" diameter. Complete with No. 11 blade. No. 2 Knife - For medium to heavy work. Aluminum No. 5 Knife handle. 5" long, 7/16" diameter. Complete with No. 22 blade. Plastic handle with metal blade lock, 4-1/4" long with No. 19 blade. In tube. No. 6 Knife - Aluminum, hexagonal handle 4-3/4" long with No. 24 blade. In tube. No. 9RX Knife - Retractable push-button knife. Positive minum handle with cap. Blade rotates freely 360° No. 5201-2 Craft Swivel Knife - Anodized aluNo.4589 Gripster Knife Soft Rubberized Barrel lock when open. Designed for delicate, close work demanding accuracy. Handy pocket clip for carrying convenience. X-acto X2000 No. 5083 No. 5083 X-acto X2000 Designed by artists for artists. The X-2000 features an Anti-roll design, non slip barrell, greater stability ,and a safety cap that snaps on the back of the knife. Its oversized contour barrell has a soft rubberized coating that makes it softer to hold harder to drop. A more comfortable grip for long periods of time. No. 2631 Replacement Blades for No. 3676 single-edge razor blades. Push-pull action exposes blade for scraping, retracts it when not in use. Fits in pocket. Comes complete with 1 blade. No. 3676 Retractable Blade Scraper - Uses extremely fine,sharp point for fine angle cutting, stripping, trimming, potting compounds, excess flashing, correct printed circuits, clean excess solder, gasket cutting and deburring. No. 2827 X Acto Refill No. 11 Blade - Designed with an Blades No. 11 No. 12 Blade - For delicate paper work. Correction blade - stencils. No. 16 Blade - Stencils, scoring, etching, small holes and notches. rough shaping. No. 19 Blade - Deburring, chiseling and No. 24 Blade - Close corner cuts, temNo. 9RX Blade - Refill blade for 9RX Knife. plates, mats, deburring, trimming, stripping and gasket cutting . X 9R FE NI K E AD BL FT RA C EL IV SW FE NI K E AD BL No. 12 No. 19 No. 16 X- ACTO Self Healing Mat No. 5544 No. 5201 Craft Swivel Knife Blade · Special surface and core work together to minimize the effects of cutting with sharp blades · One inch grid pattern to aid in accurate layout · Grey style with non - slip bottom 18 x 24 Grey 24 x 36 Grey 40 x 60 Grey - Not Have Grids No. 24 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 69 ® MasterCard ®
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