UMSCO Picture Framer's White Glue No. 2259 White glue is made from pure poly-vinyl acetate resins compounded to give maximum strength, penetration and bond to all woods and other commonly used materials. It is plasticized to give the bond resiliency. Ready to use, it makes a quick, permanent bond. Tinsel strength up to 3000 Ibs. per sq. in. Leaves no stain or glue line. Available in quart and gallon plastic bottles or 5 gallon plastic pails. No. 2912 UMSCO Fabric Adhesive CANNOT SHIP IN COLD WEATHER. Please anticipate this situation to insure that you will not run out during cold weather periods. This special glue is made to mount fabrics on matboard, liners, chipboard, etc. Apply with a brush or paint roller to an even coat, place material down and flatten. Can be used with linen, burlap, silk, velvet, velveteen, canvas, polyester etc. Waterproof when dry, water soluble, can be heat reactivated. Available in quart and gallon plastic bottles or 5 gallon plastic pails. No. 2913 UMSCO Yellow Glue The framers choice for joining corners, gives a stronger bond. Far superior for joining frames than standard white poly-vinyl resin glue. Can be used instead of hot glue and wherever standard white resin glue is used. Water soluble, waterproof when dry. No. 5602 United's own 7/14 MAXIMUM glue sets up in less than 7 minutes, and will bond in 14 minutes. Made from poly-vinyl acetate resins, for MAXIMUM strength. It will leave no stain or glue line. MAXIMUM GLUE MAXIMUM GLUE II Extra Strength No. 5613 United's New 7/14 MAXIMUM II glue is just like No. 5602 but its yellow and is Extra Strength for a MAXIMUM bond. Dries Clear. Our strongest wood glue. Available in quart and gallon plastic bottles or 5 gallon plastic pails. Liquid Hide Glue No. 3064 A genuine hide glue in ready-to-use form. Recognized as one of the strongest most reliable wood working glues available. It can hold more than 3,500 Ibs. per sq. in. and is ready to use liquid that requires no heating or mixing. Available in pints only. Pentel Roll 'n Titebond Glue Glue No. 3063 No. 3436 Strong liquid adhesive. Odorless roller applicator controls the flow. Can be used with straight edge for narrow lines. More than twice the strength of white glue...stronger than wood itself. 9 out of 10 leading furniture manufacturers use Titebond Glue. Available in pint, quarts and gallons. Available in pints, quarts and gallons . Available in pints, quarts and gallons . United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 68 ® MasterCard ®
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