Professional Carpenter's Wood Glue Grabs fast, yet allows for wood positioning before clamping. Sandable, paintable. No harmful fumes. Cleans up easily with warm water before curing. Super strong aliphatic resin glue. Bonds wood, pottery, cloth, polysterene foam and other materials. Dries fast, strong, to a clear, flexible bond. Non-toxic. No harmful fumes. Shatterproof bottle with anti-clog, easy-open cap. GLUE-ALL QUART No. 4110 GALLON No. 4111 QUART No. 4108 GALLON No. 4109 No. 2091 Round Bridled Glue Brush This glue brush has double life as bridle can be removed when the bristles wear. Pure gray bristles, plain long wood handles, compresses steel ferrules. Vulcanized setting. No. 4 No. 6 3 1 /8" x 13/8" /2" x 11/2" No. 10 No. 14 /4" x 15/8" 1" x 2" 3 No. 3234 United's Designer Apron No. 5670 United's Designer Apron. This red apron has two pockets, mid thigh design and is very comfortable for everyday use. Shop Apron Blue denim color. Heavy duty apron, designed for the picture framer. No. 2090 Electric Glue Pots No. 2098 Ground Glue Used in glue pots. Just add water. No. 2090P Replacement Liner 1 quart Fully automatic. There is nothing to regulate, nothing to forget, no water jacket to boil dry. Put in the glue, add water for thinning to proper consistency, plug it into an ordinary socket The Glue Pot does the rest. One qt. capacity. No. 2930 Plastic Squeeze Bottles Available in pint and quart sizes. Oval Junior Cutting Base No. 3576 Size 18" x 24" No. 3577 Size 24" x 36" No. 2832 Oval Master Cutting Base Measured lines every 2" over the entire surface of the pad provide a quick and efficient guide for all graphic projects. Manufactured of long life 5 ply PVC, it is impervious to cracking and warping and provides an excellent, non-slip base. Silicone Glue & Seal Silicone Seal dries clear. It skims over in 10 minutes, dries to the touch in 1 hour and is fully cured in 24 hours. Silicone Seal is the ideal material for Paper Tole projects and is a general purpose adhesive for crafts. It is particularly useful for joining hard materials to each other such as glass to marble, etc. ® Size 2.8 Fl. Oz. United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 67 MasterCard ®
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