blair art products Aerosol Sprays Cannot Ship By AIr Only By Ground Spray-Fix No. 2850 Clear, smudgeproof protection for pencil, charcoal, pastel and chalk. Stops bleeding between water, tempera, casein and water colors. Provides a moisture and soil resistant final coating for all the above media plus wallpaper murals, or other prints and negative opaque. Dries with a workable tooth to accept the application of additional media. Formulated to lend the least possible change in color values and to prevent curl or buckling when used on thin art papers. Net Weight 13 ozs. No. 100 Spray-Var Retouch Varnish Retouch varnish for oil paintings. Produces a uniform wet appearance on dull, dried-in flat places for accurate color comparison. Also ideal as a sizing to lessen absorbency of the ground coating or under painting, and prepare this ground for the first paint layer. May be used to isolate paint layers and make them more receptive to additional paint. Give a temporary protection to finished oil paintings still in the drying stage. First 3 to 6 months. Net Weight 13 ozs. No. 400 No. 2848 No-Odor Spray Fix No odor workable matte fixative. Newer formula with practically no odor. Performs the same as the original Spray-Fix. Ideal for studios and classrooms. Net weight 13 ozs. No. 105 Maximum Strength Spray Adhesive This new formula offers immediate tack for faster assembly. Dries clear and resists water, humidity, and heat. Each can provides approximately 90 sq. ft. of coverage for everything from metal foil to foam. Will not bleed through wrinkle or curl paper. Net Weight 11 oz. No. 82489 No. 3534 No. 2855 Damar No. 2847G Gloss No. 2847M Matte Designed for lasting protection and uniformity of finish on completely dry (cured) oil paintings. Available in gloss finish and matte finish. Spray Var's fine valve makes it possible to apply a thin uniform film which has proven over the years to be the most desirable. Net Weight 13 ozs. No. 300 No. 301 Artist's Mounting Adhesive Clear formula has fast tack for permanent or repositionable bonds. Uses include paper, cardboard, illustration/mat board, wood, glass, foil, mylar, foam core, acetate and fabric. Net Weight 11 oz. No. 82490 No. 4238 Blair Art Spray No. 2849 Gloss No. 2849 Matte Creates a super-hard, perfectly clear, permanent barrier to stains, moisture, and airborne pollutants- indoors and out. May be applied to all papers, photographs, wood, ceramics, plaster, leather and most other art materials. Retards tarnish and corrosion on metals. Net Weight 13 ozs. No. 200 No. 201 Defthane Clear Polyurethane Finish No. 3457 Gloss No. 1 or Satin No. 2 super hard finish. For wood or metal. For interior-exterior use. Protects and beautifies. For doors, floors, cabinets, boats, siding, fences. 13 oz. Semi-Gloss Finish. Seals and finishes. Nothing else to use. Dries in 30 minutes. Recoat in 2 hours. No waste ­ won't "skin" in can. Alcohol and water resistant. Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 61 Interior Clear No. 3458 No. 3458 In 13 oz. aerosol United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 ® MasterCard ®
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