Pro-Tecta-Cote Lacquers A plastic lacquer coating that is highly decorative while protecting prints permanently from moisture, gases, fingerprints, dust and Ultrascratches. Contains itors! Also contains ultraviolet inhibitors and plasticizers for flexibility. ib Violet Inh Supplied in 19.7 ounce spray cans in the following finishes: Product Descriptions Spray Cans No. 3072 Clear Gloss Provides a transparent protective high gloss finish for color · MATTE (Flat Matte) photographs; excellent for murals and displays. Luster Provides a transparent protective semi-gloss finish for color · MATTE SPECIAL (Semi Matte) ophotographs and displays. Helps to reduce reflections. · LUSTER (Semi Gloss) Matte Special A transparent protective semi-matte finish for photographs and · CLEAR (Very high gloss) displays. A traditional finish. Matte A finishing lacquer that provides a very smooth, hard · PROTEXTURE Pro-Texture and matte sheen finish. To create leather, weave, pebble, and other textured surfaces on color photographs. Pro-Tecta Cote Pro Texture Plus No. 2130 Provides a beautiful brush texture finish for prints It is a dense, milky white water based material that dries clear to a luster finish with crisp beautiful brush strokes. NOTE: Spray Krylon Crystal Clear on surface before Pro-Texture application. Quart Size Lamin-All Adhesives Lamin-All is particularly effective in mounting photographic paper. It may be used dry and heat mounted to nonporous materials, or wet without heat on porous surfaces such as mounting boards, wood, diplomas etc. Lamin-All is available in quarts and gallons. No. 3071 A water based texturing material for CANNOT SHIP IN COLD applying brushed oil, stipple, or other WEATHER. creative surface effects. "Ready to Please anticipate this situation to insure that you will not run out use" from the container. Z-Gel Texturizing Gel For The original Look No. 5472 32oz semi-gloss Z-Gel, the one step texturizing process for posters, No. 5472 Gal. semi-gloss prints, and pre-treated photos, is a great alternative No. 5472 Foam applicator to canvas transfers, and eliminates the need for No. 5473 32oz gloss glass. No. 5473 Gal. gloss You control the brush-stroked appearance. illustration board or firm substrate. Do Not Use On Foamboard during cold weather periods. No. 5690 Z-Gel Applicator No. 5691 Z-Rollers ( 3 pk) Will Not Freeze No preprep needed, simply mount prints directly to Can Ship Year Round UV Protection Cleans up with soap and water Turpenoid An odorless, very volatile, thin, colorless turpentine substitute. Turpenoid has the same painting properties and drying time as turpentine, but is free of the strong characteristic turp odor. Compatible with oil colors as a painting vehicle (either alone or in other mediums), Turpenoid is also excellent as a varnish thinner or solvent, as a pure gum spirit, a paint brush cleaner, and for use in removing paint spots from clothing. Available in pints and quarts. No. 3704 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 59 ® MasterCard ®
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