3M No. 3430 PMA Rolls No. 3431 The C-35 PMA Applicator is a manual two-roller press capable of handling items up to 20" wide and 1/4" thick without any adjustments. A 20" x 24" bed plate is included to carry the items being mounted through the machine. The rollers are specially tooled and enough pressure is generated to ensure a positive transfer of adhesive and a permanent bond every time. Items up to 20" x 24" are recommended to be mounted using No. 568 PMA. This system can be used to mount: resin coated prints, posters, Cibachrome prints, litho prints, art reprints & maps. To mount mat, illustration board, plexiglass, Upson board & sealed wood. No. 3431 PMA Applicator No. 3432 Replacement Dispenser Tray No. 2264 Replacement Bedplate Assembly PMA Applicator No. 568 positionable mounting adhesive is a special pressure-activated synthetic adhesive that allows the item being mounted to be positioned and repositioned until it is correctly aligned before pressure is applied to make a permanent bond. The permanent bond is long-aging and will not stain, discolor or dry out with age. It resists changes in temperature and humidity. No. 2986 Squeegee Sizes Available: 11" x 50 feet 16" x 50 feet 24" x 50 feet No. 6019 Z-Crackle Antiquing Starter Kit 16 oz. container Z-Crackle Finish Step 1 and 2 2 oz. contanier Antiquing Polish 6 pack 2" Foam Applicators No. 6020 Z-Crackle Antiquing Pro Kit 1 Gallon container Z-Crackle Finish Step 1 and 2 16 oz. contanier Antiquing Polish 6 pack 2" Foam Applicators Z-Crackle Finish ANTIQUE CRACKLING SYSTEM Plastic Squeegee used primarily with 3M's #568 PMA adhesives rolls for burnishing, can also be used for cold mounting to permanently fix to mounting board. No. 6016 32oz Finish Step 1 Gal. Finish Step 1 No. 6017 32oz Finish Step 2 Gal. Finish Step 2 No. 6018 2oz Antiquing Polish - Brown 16oz Antiquing Polish - Brown No. 6021 6 Pack 1" Foam Brush Applicators 6 Pack 2" Foam Brush Applicators 6 Pack 3" Foam Brush Applicators Z-Crackle Finish provides an excellent antique crackling system for posters, prints. (Not suggested for photographs or Giclee prints). Eliminates the need for glass. You control the thickness of the cracks through the application of the Step 1 finish. Mount prints directly to illustration board or other firm substrate. (Not recommended to mount to foamcore). Will Not Freeze Can Ship Year Round Z-Crackle Finish Creates a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion, yielding excellent flexibility and water protection. Cleans up with soap and water. Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 58 ® United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 MasterCard ®
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