Scotch Vac-U-Mount Adhesive Net wt.15 1/2 Oz. Fl. oz. 23 1/4 No. 3331 Scotch Super 77 Spray Adhesive Net wt. 16 1/2 oz. Fl. oz. 23 1/4 Scotch Spray Mount Adhesive Net wt.9 3/4 Oz. Fl. oz. 15 1/4 No. 2839 No. 2798 A strong clear adhesive for use with vacuum frame mounting systems. It requires no heat. Excellent open time (up to ten minutes) allows you to spray and bond even the largest materials. Also nonstaining with even spray pattern. 3M A strong, transparent, fast drying adhesive for perma- The repositional clear, artist's adhesive that allows nently attaching foils, cloth, carpeting, foams, paper, positioning of a variety of lightweight materials. cardboard, felt, etc. to painted or unpainted metals, wood, hardboard and other base materials. 3M 3M Scotch Photo Mount Adhesive Net wt. 10 Oz. Fl. oz. 15.50 Scotch Spra-Ment Adhesive No. 2987 Net wt. 10 3/4 oz Fl. oz. 15 1/4 oz. Strong aerosol adhesive ideal for making fabric covered mats. Spra-Ment is easy to apply dries fast, is permanent and won't bleed through or discolor fabric. Scotch Gard Fabric Protector No. 2799 Net wt. 10 oz. No. 2797 A clear aerosol adhesive that produces high strength bond in seconds. Perfect for mounting photos and other artwork. Just spray the back of the print let dry until tacky and press in position. 3M 3M Repels Spills, water and stains, for fabric mats, needlepoint, and other craft projects. 3M 3M "74" Foam & Fabric Adhesive Net wt.17 1/4 Oz. Fl. oz. 23 1/4 3M "75" Repositionable Adhesive Net wt. 9 oz. Fl oz. 15 oz. 3M "76" Spray Adhesive Net wt.16 1/2 oz. Fl. oz. 23 1/4 No. 3748 No. 3749 No. 4936 Specially formulated to permanently bond these materials to wood, rigid plastic or themselves. Very fast tacking. Controlled lace like spray pattern. Works equally well on both urethane and latex foams. Delivers soft glue line. High solids, high coverage. Dries tack and odor free. Lets you reposition easily, so it won't damage your artwork. Helps you work faster because its unique formula means you don't have to respray every time you make a change. Won't lose its adhesion over time. Contains no CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons). Features a unique, lace like spray pattern which lets you vary spray width and delivery rate. Bonds fiberglass insulation, fabric, carpet supported vinyl, paper, felt, burlap, cardboard, cork, foil, rubber, many plastics to themselves and to wood, metal, glass and other surfaces. United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 57 ® MasterCard ®
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