BIENFANG Dry Mounting ColorMount Tissue ColorMount is a permanent dry mounting adhesive tissue for low-temperature bonding (175-200°) of resin-coated photos, glossy posters and regular papers to a wide range of mounting boards. Its "breathability" makes it ideal for non-porous or high moisture content materials.It works beautifully on conventional B&W or color photographs. 24" x 50 yds 24" x 100 yds 36" x 50 yds 36" x 100 yds. 401/2" x 50 yds 481/2" x 50 yds. 401/2" x 100 yds. 481/2" x 100 yds. 42" x 50 yds 42" x 100 yds A complete line of ColorMount Materials (100 Sheets) 8" x 10" 11" x 14" 16" x 20" No. 2883 (Rolls) No. 2883 20" x 10 yds 20" x 50 yds 20" x 100 yds ColorMount Cover Sheets (Six sheets per package) 26" x 34"---For 350, 360 & 500 T Presses 18" x 23"---For 200 & 210 Presses No. 2884 No. 6032 Bienfang RagMount Adhesive Bienfang Color Sheets are an important part of the ColorMount process. It is the cover sheet that protects the surface of the RC paper print during the final stage of bonding. Features & Benefits: · · · · · · Traditional dry mount tissues are not the best choice for enhanced fine art papers. The coating on the papers may react negatively with the traditional tissues. RagMount is safe and guaranteed to provide good adhesion without any discoloration or bubbles over time. RagMount can also be used in traditional dry mount applications. All resin coated papers should be tested for suitability. Acid Free adhesive and paper. The tissue is 100% cotton rag paper. Low melt adhesive - free of additives (solvent free in formula and manufacturing process) Creates a permanent bond. 100% breathable with new design feature and prevents air entrapment. Designed for long term stability in color and bond integrity Available in rolls and cut sheets. Tissue - Sheets Tissue - Rolls 25 1/2" x 50 yds 8X10 40 1/2" x 50 yds 11X14 16X20 SingleStep Foam Board BIENFANG No. 5390 - 32"x 40" 3/16" No. 5391 - 40"x 60" 3/16" No. 5392 - 32"x 40" 1/8" When it comes to ease of use and versatility, Bienfang® SingleStep® Foam Board delivers an impressive performance. It has been pre-coated on one side with a heat-activated adhesive for dry mounting at a low temperature forming a smooth, permanent bond. No measuring, cutting or tacking with tissues is necessary. Simply remove the packaging-interleaving paper, position your image and place onto the press under Release Paper. This Foam Board is not recommended for resin-coated (RC) photographs. 54 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 ® MasterCard ®
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