BIENFANG Weights No. 2507 For best results in mounting laminating or backing, a Bienfang weight must be placed on material immediately upon removing it from the press. This not only eliminates curling, it speeds up the process by drawing the heat from the material quickly. These perfectly balanced Bienfang weights are ideal for this purpose . Size Weight ...................................20" x 20"Approx. 26 Ibs. BIENFANG Deluxe Selector II Tacking Iron No. 2506 No. 3141 Zippy Cutter A combination of scissors and knife - cuts all sorts of paper, textiles, thin cardboard,string, etc. Cuts straight or curved lines. Safe, speedy, strong, practical. Great for cutting Kraft paper or Drymount Tissue. Tack materials into position to prevent shifting. Equipped with finger tip thermostatic control. Adjustable 100° to 350° for use with various types of materials. Teflon coated base. BIENFANG No. 5089 Canvas Transfer Kit An easy way to start making your own canvas transfers. The kit contains everything needed to transfer five 8" x 10" RC photos or paper prints to canvas, including a step-by-step instructional video. Finished transfer size is 11" x 14" for easy stretching or mounting. Each kit contains: ·5 ·5 ·1 ·1 ·1 ·1 ·1 © Copyright 2007 11" x 14" CanvasMount Pre-Adhesive Sheets 11" x14" Pre-perforatred Satin-Matte Finish Guard-UV Sheets Step-By-Step Instructional VIdeo 11" x 14" Sponge Foam Sheet 8" x 10" Resin Color Photograph Canvas Transfer Instruction Sheet Finish-Guard UV Instruction Sheet Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 53 ® United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. MasterCard ®
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