Fusion 4000® No. 3103 (Rolls) 20.5" x 30 yards 24.5" x 30 yards 32.5" x 30 yards Bienfang's Fusion 4000 clear 100% adhesive formulation and specialization processing creates the cleanest, purest 40.5" x 30 yards adhesive film available. Fusion 4000 flows easily and evenly under heat (170°F) and solves the problem of mounting 48.5" x 30 yards adhesives since it replaces other tissues and takes up less space.Fusion 4000 is self-trimming. Works in all Bienfang fabrics and other textured surfaces. Either 1 or 2 step mounting procedure. Fusion 4000 allows for smaller inventory of presses. Drytac Double-Sided Release Paper Tissue - Rolls No. 5933 26" x 15' 26" x 60' 34" x 105' 42" x 105' 50" x 105' Our standard Release Paper is double sided, silicone coated and moisture stable. Particularly helpful when dry mounting, Drytac Tissue - Rolls Drychival Comparable To No. 3759 Buffermount No. 5926 24.5" x 90' 40.5" x 90' DrychivalTM is a 3.0 mil (75 micron) mounting tissue that consists of a buffered paper carrier coated on both sides with a low temperature 160°F (71°C) acid-free adhesive. Pure white Drychival has an alkaline buffering agent incorporated into its makeup to neutralize environmental degradation. Drychival is specially formulated for mounting archival documents, parchment and fabrics. Drytac No. 5925 Tissue - Rolls Vista Mount 24.5" x 328' 41" x 328' Bienfang Exhibitex is the unique laminating process that protects while allowing the surface to be textured. Photographs, posters, or graphics can be customized with a texture like sand, linen, wood, the "canvas look" and more. All you need is a standard dry mount press, your Exhibitex materials and any textured surface you choose. BIENFANG's Photo Texturizing Display Process 3476 3478 3479 3481 3483 3484 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Lamintex 201/2" x 132' Matte Release 22" x 164' Gloss Release 22" x 100' Lamintex 321/2" x 164' Matte Release 34" x 200' Gloss Release 33" x 200' VistamountTM is an economical general purpose 4.0 mil (100 micron) dry mounting tissue that is white in color. The buffered paper carrier is coated with a strong, pH-neutral, heat-activated adhesive that activates at as low as 170°F (77°C). The white color of Vistamount makes this adhesive the dry mounting tissue of choice when mounting thin output to dark substrates. 51 ® REPLACES No. 2500 MT-5 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 MasterCard ®
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