United's Hi-Tec Mounting Tissues Super Mount No. 4368 A breathable porous, heat activated tissue eliminates bubbling. Two sides are adhesive coated. Used for mounting resin coated photos, RC photos and paper materials to almost any surface. 20" x 50 yds 24.5" x 50 yds 24.5" x 100 yds 42" 42" x 50 yds x 100 yds Bond: Minimum Temp: Recommended Temp: Advantages: Permanent 180° F 190° Excellent lay-qualities. Adhesion system allows strong bond to almost any substrate. Clear Bond 2000 No. 4369 This is not a tissue, but an adhesive film, pH neutral. Pieces can be overlapped to eliminate waste. Provides a smooth bond on textured papers, canvas, burlap, photos, etc. Melts completely, self trimming. 20" x 30 yds 24" x 30 yds 32" x 30 yds 40" x 30 yds Formerly Conservation Mount Bond: Minimum Temp: Recommended Temp: Comparable to: Advantages: Heat Removable 170° F 190° TM3-Fusion 4000 Transparent base reduces show through on dark or colored surfaces. SR56 Mounting Tissue No. 5919 Bond: Minimum Temp: Recommended Temp: Comparable to: Advantages: REPLACES No. 3630 MD96 Permanent 165° F 180° TM1 and MT5 More breathable allowing it to be used on a wider variety of materials. NEW AND IMPROVED ULTRAMOUNT No. 5359 A A glassine tissue with a heavy adhesive on both sides. A permanent bonding tissue. No bubbles, no shrinkage of prints. Recommended for posters, photographs, mounting fabrics, etc. No. 5919 SR56 Mounting Tissue - Rolls 20.5" x 50 yds 25.5" x 50 yds 41" x 50 yds 25" x 500 feet 41" x 500 feet ULTR AMO UNT Available in 2 sizes 24" X 30 yards 40" X 30 yards ® safe and versatile acid free tissue. Removable with heat, this low bonding temperature (160-195°) tissue, is great for reproductions, photographs and thin, delicate materials. United's Ultramount also has an Alkaline buffing agent to neutralize any acidity present in the mount boards or enviornment. 50 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 MasterCard ®
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