No. 2805 ® Pro Trim Knife No. 3021 Natural Kraft Paper Dispenser not included All sizes from 15" to 48" in 40 Lb. weight. Used as a dust cover for backs of frames and for wrapping. Available in 15" -18" - 24" - 30" - 36" - 40" - 48" widths. Trims backing paper to edge, fast, easy and perfect. So easy & simple to use. A new idea that simplifies the old tricky job of trimming backing paper. Now "Pro-Trim", with its fantastic gauge, automatically positions blade. You don't have to be an expert, to get perfect, right-to-the edge trims everytime clean and sharp. It is designed for easy to change low cost Dexter or United's No.3404 blades. Reversible Pro Trim United's reversible Pro Trim allows for a perfect trim everytime right to the edge. Uses United's No. 3404 blades. For Right or Left Handers No. 4568 No. 3363 Black Kraft Paper Premium 40 Lb. weight. Give your frame the distinctive look. Used same as regular Kraft paper. Available in 24" - 30" - 36" - 40"- 48" widths. No. 4755 Lineco's Acid Free Buffered Frame Backing Paper 50lb standard weight 36" wide. Protect your artwork from dust with conservation quality Backing Paper. The durable 50 lb. paper offers acid free, buffered, long term protection with a blue-gray finish to please your clients. Each roll is 300' long with a 3" core to fit standard roll dispensers. Color: Blue-Gray © Copyright 2007 For use applying ATG tape to the back of your wood frame to apply backing paper. It guides ATG tape for a perfect straight application. Tape is applied quickly and easily. ATG adapter snaps out of the way when using the ATG gun for other applications. The ATG Adapter attaches to your 700 ATG Tape Dispenser easily. ATG Adapter No. 5514 "Hassle Free" Trimmer No. 2001 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 44 Trims dust cover quickly and accurately, without buying blades! Tool uses your mat blades and pays for itself in time saved and in using recycled blades. Uses blades from current FLETCHER 2000/2100, C&H, LOGAN, C.l.A. Mat cutter or United's No. 3433B Blades. WORKS FOR BOTH RIGHT & LEFT HANDERS. ® MasterCard ®
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