Filmoplast P90 A self-adhesive paper tape used extensively for the hinging of artwork. Filmoplast P90 is also used for sealing the back of picture frames to protect against the intrusion of dust, insects and other foreign matter. Maximum binding power is attained immediately after burnishing. · Opaque, white, paper tape free from wood fibres · High tear-resistance (tested to withstand 20,000 foldings) · High-tack adhesive coating is dry, pH neutral, acid-free and age-resistant · Will not yellow, harden or seep through · Both paper and adhesive are buffered with CaCO3 to maintain a neutral pH balance even after aging · Water removable if properly done · Packaged in handy disposable dispenser. ART CONSERVATION No. 3318 No. 3317 3/4 " x 165' In Dispenser Box No. 3725 11/2" x 165' In Dispenser Box Also a self-adhesive paper tape, but used primarily for repairing torn artwork, documents, etc. Another common use for this highly transparent tape is for hinging very thin or semi-transparent, lightweight artwork where no show-through is essential. After burnishing Filmoplast P becomes virtually invisible. Maximum binding power is attained approximately 15-20 hours after burnishing. · Extremely thin, highly transparent, paper tape free from wood fibre · Lower tear-resistance than Filmoplast P90 · Slow-tack adhesive coating with same characteristics as Filmoplast P90 · Both paper and adhesive are buffered with CaCO3 · Water removable if properly done · Packaged in handy disposable dispenser Roll Size: 3/4" x 165' Filmoplast P Black Artist Tape No. 5668 Available In: 3/4" - 1" Flatback paper tape used for stretching water color paper. Artist tape has a repositionable clean removal adhesive system that does not leave any residue. 3" Core in 60 yard rolls. Self Adhesive White Linen Filmoplast SH No. 3319 If a higher resistance against wear and tear is required for this work, we recommend our self adhesive white linen Filmoplast SH. This linen is very flexible, and easy to use. Neutral age resistant Adhesive. Used for the past 20 years by some of the leading European museums and libraries. ACID FREE 1.2" x 82 feet Filmoplast P-90 Plus No. 6072 Filmoplast P-90 Plus is a refined version of the original P-90 hinging tape designed expressly for the professional picture framing industry. The new P-90 Plus provides better initial and final bonding strength while retaining the same stable aging characteristics that have made P-90 a favorite for decades. United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 38 ® MasterCard ®
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