Mounting Hinging Tissue No. 4637 1" X 98' Archival Quality Materials Mounting/ Hinging Tissue (Pressure Sensitive) This pressure sensitive Mounting/Hinging Tissue is a fine, long fiber tissue with an archival quality, acrylic adhesive that is permanent andnon-yellowing. Ideal for hinging translucent art such as Japanesepaper, papyrus and other light weight art because it won't show through. Mineral spirits are required for removal. Framing/Hinging Gummed Paper Tape No. 2198 1" X 130' For Most Art Framing/ Hinging Gummed Paper Tape Self Adhesive Linen Tape No. 4640 Lineco's Self Adhesive Linen Tape is an extra strong linen cloth coated with a neutral pH acrylic adhesive. The high thread count makes it an excellent choice for hinging window mats to backer mats. The high tensile strength of this quality, water activated hinging tape will support all but theheaviest works of art. The paper is acid free with a calcium carbonate buffer and a pH of 8.5. The neutral pH adhesive has excellent tack to hold firmly without slipping or creeping. Gummed Linen Tape No. 4639 For Heavier Works of Art Neutral pH, White Self-Adhesive Linen Cloth Tape (White) 1 1/4" X 150' Acid free paper is laminated to a foil sheet to provide an effective barrier for filets, rabbets and sealing backing board.The aluminum layer stops acid migration. This pressure sensitive tape with its blue/gray color (matches No. 4755 kraft paper)attaches firmly and conforms well to most surfaces. While the adhesive is reversible with mineral spirits it is difficult to remove. This tape should not be applied directly to any art work. No. 4642 No. 5111 No. 5030 Pressure Sensitive Frame Sealing Tape Document Repair Tape 1" X 400" No. 5059 1/2" X 50'No. 5060 This water activated tape with a 65/55 thread count fabric provides superior hinging strength. The neutral pH adhesive has high tack. Lay flat properties that make it a favorite for hinging mats and heavy pieces of artwork. GUMMED LINEN TAPE Catalog No. L533-1025 Water Reversible For Hinging, Repairs, and Reinforcing 1" X 300' 1" x 30 ft. 1-1/4" x 1000" 1-1/4" x500' 3-1/2" x1000" No. 5112 Pressure Sensitive Frame Sealing Tape Same tape as above but in WHITE . 1-1/4" x 1000" Available in 3 sizes No. 5336 5-1/2" No. 3716 6" No. 5337 8" Preserve Your Precious Paper Originals -- Now you can preserve your precious paper originals by making them acid-free with Archival Mist. The new product neutralizes acids and prevents aging of newspaper clippings, diploma's, birth and marriage certificates, children's original artwork, letters, greeting cards, and other treasured mementos for pennies per item treated. ARCHIVAL MIST Lineco's Document Repair Tape (DRT) is a unique combination of a strong, very thin, acid-free tissue coated with an acid-free adhesive. It is non-yellowing, reversible, and widely accepted as a truly archival repair tissue. While the repair is permanent, if desired, the tape may be removed with common mineral spirits. The same acid-free tissue and adhesive as described above, slit to a convenient 1/2" width for easy, unobtrusive repairs to small tears in paper. Transparent Mending Tissue Pump Spray Bottle 5.3 oz. Net Wt. No. 5372 Burnishing Bone Lineco Buffered Acid-Free Tissue Paper No. 4759 10' x 15' Sheets (100 per pkg) 40" x 250' Roll No. 4760 For fine finishing of edges on picture mats. Eliminates rough edges caused by knife, and makes overcuts less obvious. United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 37 Lineco's acid-free tissue paper is .001 inches thick with a 3% calcium caronate buffer added. Buffering agent helps prevent acid migration to the tissue itself. Available in sheets or rolls. ® MasterCard ®
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