Fletcher-Terry advanced engineering and quality craftsmanship are combined in this professional quality point driver, that won't double feed or jam and requires minimum maintenance.. No. 3900 Reload lever keeps steady pressure on points for consistent feeding and indicates when points need to be reloaded. One point provides more holding surface than 4 ordinary brads. Flat design will never rip or dent backing material. FRAMEMASTERTM Frame Point Driver Uses Framer's Points No. 3901 Uses Glazier's Points No. 3902 Framer's Point No. 3901 Tension adjustment screw lets you adjust firing tension according to density of wood. Full-grip trigger reduces fatigue and fires points with a minimum amount of pressure. Framer's Points No. 3901 The unique flat design of Framer's Point guarantee secure, flat to the surface holding that you can't get with ordinary brads. Approx. 3000 Stacked Points per package Glaziers Point No. 3902 No. 1 Diamond Point No. 3671 Glaziers Points No. 3902 Approx. 5000 Stacked Points per package. No. 2 Diamond Point No. 3616 No. 3901 ...Fits Our No. 3900 No. 3902 ...Fits Our No. 3900 No. 3671 ...Fits Our No. 3361 No. 3616 ...Fits Our No. 3361 No. 3362 ...Fits Our No. 3361 No. 4745 ...Fits Our No. 4744 No. 5 Triangle Point No. 3362 Multipoint TM No. 5456 The MultimasterTM point driver fires Fletcher's new multimaster points. Multipoints drive easier and deeper into all woods. Its unique twin barb design, with over 40% more surface coverage, significantly increases holding power and reduces the number of points required for each frame. Flexible multipoints for Multimaster® NO. 5457 Flexible Multimaster Points 1/2" long (approx. 3000 Points) FlexiMaster No. 4744 TM Wax-Free Stacked Points For FlexiMaster® No. 4745 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 The FlexiMasterTM point driver fires Fletcher's new Flexible Framer's Points. Flexible Framer's Points are .015" thick and can easily be bent upward to remove backing materials then bent back down to hold new materials firmly in place. FlexiMaster features include easy firing full grip trigger and stabilizer extension to keep FlexiMaster upright for quick access. 23 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 Flexible Framer's Points 5/8" long 3,700 Per Pkg. ® MasterCard ®
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