Fletcher No. 5 Point Driver No. 3361 Only 20 ounces, with exclusive shock absorbers for hours of fatigue-free driving at a time. Redesigned trigger for more comfort. Heavy duty hardened steel push and nose plate assure a Iifetime of satisfactory performance under normal usage. Optimum penetration in all woods. Design permits the use of a single gun to drive no. 3616 & # 3671 Diamond Points and No. 3362 stacked triangle points. Fletcher No. 2 Waxless Points No. 3616 Waxless points don't leave residue. Drivers require less cleaning, virtually eliminates jamming. A very thin coating of newly developed adhesive is applied to the outside of the stack. Fits all drivers. No. 2 point only. Packaged 4M per package. Frame Mate No. 3852 FRAME-MATE Is a professional quality tool that inserts points, push points and brads into wooden frames to hold glass, board, canvas, etc. Its adjustable magnetic anvil holds points and brads in place and the rubber cushion prevents marring. It also trims paper and works as a glass break out tool, too! Fletcher No. 1Waxless Points No. 3671 Packed 5M per package No. 3616 No. 2 Points No. 3671 No. 1 Points Can be used in Red Devil and Fletcher Point Drivers. Framer's Points No. 3853 No. 3881 200 Points Per Pkg. Fletcher Waxless Triangle Points No. 3362 Approximately 2700 points per pack. A new dimension to your Fletcher No. 5 Point Driver! Good deep penetration. Use fewer points per frame yet get superior hold-down strength. Easily removed. Can be only used in No. 3361 (Fletcher No. 5 Point Driver.) Exclusive design Framers Points go in straight and flat to the surface for securing pictures, canvas, mat board and glass in all types of wood frames. 2,000 Points Per Pkg. Framer's Points come blister carded 200 points per card Also available in bulk quantity. Push Points No. 3221 Zinc Coated. Push into place. Approximately 70 per pkg. Point Drivers Repaired!!! We will repair any make hand operated point driver. (Red Devil, Fletcher etc) No. 3412 Repaired in our own factory! Bulk Push Points No. 4311 1 Lb. Boxes. Approx. 1530 per Ib. PULLMATETM The PullMateTM is a handy tool for quick and easy removal of Fletcher Framer's Points from wood frames. The notched end of the PullMate fits over the point to provide a tight grasp for pulling. PUSHMATETM No. 4746 The PushMateTM inserts push points, triangle points and diamond points into wood frames and window sash to hold glass and framing materials firmly in place. Simply align PushMate with point and use even pressure to push point into frame or sash. No. 4747 SPRINGMATE TM No. 4748 The SpringMateTM makes easy work of inserting and removing spring clips from metal frames. Just slip slotted end of the SpringMate over the spring and twist to flatten spring to insert or remove from frame. ® United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 22 MasterCard ®
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