FOR WOOD FRAMES No. 3525 SECURITY HANGERS Ideal for hotel-motel. Locks objects to the wall. Easily removed for remodeling, painting, maintenance. Packaged with screws. FOR ALUMINUM FRAMES Security hanging system can be unlocked only with the security key. NO. HA2362 No. 3525B ( bulk 100 ) Aluminum Frame Security Hanger System EASY TO USE HOLE LOCATING PINS Insert marking pins into hangers Rotate hangers into back of frame · No special wrenches or keys to buy. · Unique locater - marker system. · Solid four corner anchoring. · Inexpensive, fast, easy. Locate centers for anchors Rotate hangers to locked position. Secret to unlocking. Screw hangers into anchors No. 4130 HWK-1 Hollow Wall Kit Kit includes 4 hangers, 4 marking pins, and 4 "Hammer-ln" Mollys with screws (No. 6 x 2 1/4"). Packed in poly bag with instructions. Works in any hollow wall from 1/8" (3mm) up to 13/16 (21mm) thick. No. 4528 HKP-1 Hanger Kit With Screws & Molly Anchors With Screws & Plastic Anchors No. 4132 HK-1 Hangers Only (No Anchors or Screws) Kit includes 4 hangers and 4 marking pins packed in poly bag with instructions. Will work with any anchor system that uses a No. 6 or No. 8 Round head or Pan head Machine, Sheet Metal or Wood Screw. Kit includes 4 hangers, 4 marking pins, 4 Nylon Expandet Rossett anchors and 4 No. 8 x 12" Pan head phillips screws. Packed in poly bag with instructions. Works in any thickness drywall, plaster, concrete or masonry. Adjustable Security Hangers No. 2227 Hook-Ups! Security Hangers provide a secure two-point mounting system that is compatible with conventional T-Screws. Now you get all of these great features of Hook-Ups! PLUS security. · Level pictures with the touch of a finger · Saves hours of installation time Security Installations Can Finally Be Level! PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Pair Of Hook-Ups, Hardware For Wood AND Metal Frames Plus T Screws & Anchors Metal Security Hangers No. 4331 Metal Security Hanger Poly Bag No. 4332 Metal Security Hangers for 100 Frames Wood Security Hangers No. 4329 Wood Security Hanger Poly Bag No. 4330 Wood Security Hangers for 100 Frames Fits any common profile metal moulding. Simple installation for hanging in areas where security is a must. Comes in single poly bag or in bulk for 100 frames (2 base screws recommended for larger frames). Requires the use of No. 4333 wrench for installation and removal. A tamper proof hanger for wood moulding where security is desired. Comes in single polybags or in bulk for 100 frames. (2 base screws are recommended for larger frames) Requires the use of wrench No. 4333 for installation and removal. No. 5124 Pk/10 No. 5123 Pk/10 United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 18 No. 4680 Extra Secure T-Screw No. 4333 Wrench for Security Hangers ® MasterCard ®
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