WallBuddies Wireless and self-hanging systems for metal sectional and wood frames. Retail No. 5048 Packaged Non-Retail No. 1100 Packaged Retail Packaged No. 5054 Non-Retail No. 2200 Packaged The 2200 slides under the tapped "L" corner. It's used for artwork up to 70 lbs. and metal frames 14" x 16" and up. For Metal Frames Bulk/6 No. 5050 Professional framers choose WallBuddies because they: For Metal Frames Bulk/25 No. 5055 The 1100 simply snaps in the back of metal sectional picture frames. It easily handles up to 40 lbs. and is designed for metal frames 20" x 26" and up. · End the hassle of hanging art work with wire · Can eliminate stress wire · Are easier for customers to hang the artwork · Help reinforce corners · Keeps artwork constantly level · Are a must for multiple hanging · Provide overall better quality artwork · Provide customer loyalty Retail Packaged No. 5043 Retail Packaged No. 5056 Non-Retail Packaged For Wood Frames Non-Retail No. 3420 Packaged Bulk/25 The 3420 simply screws into the back of wood frames and it handles up to 35 lbs. It is also designed for artwork 14" x 16" up to 26" x 40" (based of weight). Use 3 Gauge Screws (Not Incl.) Each Pkg. Comes Complete With No. 5044 2 SUPER HANGERS AND NAILS All series are sold separately and include right and left hand hanger per frame. No. 3312 For Wood Frames Bulk/25 No. 5057 The 3312 screws into the back of larger wood frames and provides extra support to the corners. It can handle up to 100 lbs. It's designed for artwork 26" x 34" and up. Use 4 Gauge Screws (Not Incl.) WallBuddies New Security System Save Hanging Time Up To 50% FRONT VIEW WallBuddies rests WallBuddies rests between and washer between wallwall and washer Frame Frame SIDE VIEW Wall Wall · Eliminates frame warpage · Eliminates frame warpage · More secure than current security systems · More secure than current security systems · Works with Series M-2200, SW-4400 and W3300 · Works with Series M-2200, SW-4400 and W3300 WallBuddies WallBuddies rest between rest between wall and washer wall and washer Fits Clark, Nielsen, Designer and other similar moldings. For Metal Sectional Frames 11 x 14 or Larger. Rated at 30 lbs. For Small Wood Frames Up To 26 x 34. Rated at 30 lbs. For Larger Wood Frames 26 x 34 and Larger. Rated at 60 lbs. No. 5678 No. 5679 Single Polybags Bulk / For 100 Frames No. 5680 Single Polybags No. 5681 Bulk / For 100 Frames No. 5682 Single Polybags No. 5683 Bulk / For 100 Frames ® United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc. © Copyright 2007 Nationwide (800) 645-7260 FAX (516) 496-7968 16 MasterCard ®
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